World’s number one 3D-foot scanning technology

Found only in store, our Step Hub features the Aetrex Albert 2 Pro, the world’s number one 3D-foot scanning technology, which can help you find the best shoes for your needs and advise if you would benefit from a supportive Aetrex Orthotic insert. In less than 15 seconds, the Aetrex Albert 2 Pro captures data, helping you learn more about your feet more than ever before, which may even help you prevent foot injuries or discover solutions for painful foot conditions including flat feet and heel pain.

Why is scanning important?

Surprisingly, car tyres and our feet have a lot in common – they both need to be balanced and aligned to perform their best and last longer. Yet we forget this important part of our body, despite our feet often enduring so much throughout our lifetime. Scanning helps to identify parts of our feet that might need extra care and the correct orthotic required. If the scan indicates you have wide feet, it is advised that you opt for wide fitting shoes to accomodate your specific foot needs. 

What will I learn about my feet?

The Albert 2 Pro scans your feet and captures the most accurate data to give you key information such as length, width, girth, in-step and arch height. This data is then converted into a 3D realistic model of your feet, which can help you learn what shoes (and even orthotic inserts) are best for your feet.

How will Aetrex Orthotics help my feet?

Whether you have a current foot condition, want to prevent one, or simply want more support for walking, running and everyday activities, Aetrex Premium Orthotics area a simple and affordable solution. They can even help you avoid further injuries or surgery later on. Just Walking have a range of orthopedic sandals and orthotic fitting shoes to support your feet.

Can Aetrex Orthotics help eliminate foot pain?

Yes. Aetrex Orthotics are designed to support your longitudinal arch and provide the alignment needed to reduce over-pronation. They also help relieve foot injuries caused by repetitive stress by absorbing shock, providing cushioning, and transferring pressure away from high impact areas.

Why Aetrex orthotics?

Today, we walk mostly on hard surfaces and our feet aren’t able to distribute pressure evenly. Aetrex Orthotics help transfer pressure away from high pressure areas and create an equal distribution of pressure as we walk or run.